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  The German 

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"The German", 2002

"Der Germane", 2002




"The German", 2002, Digital print, 65x90cm

"Der Germane", 2002, Digital-Print, 65x90cm   



"Great Framing", Museum of Contemporary Art - Skopje, 2002

"Große Rahmung", Museum für Zeitgenössischer Kunst - Skopje, 2002



"Great Framing", Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje - New Figurative Propositions, 2002

Presentation of art works uniting the specific relation to the body


(Dnevnik, 17.10.2002) - Figuration occasionally reasserts itself as a prevalent trend in the Macedonian art but today it has marks of the current artistic practice in the world. New figurative propositions follow the weariness of the abstract art, after its long-year domination on the artistic stage. The Macedonian art at a point skipped the phase of the figuration drawing remaining in the illusion that it lives truly with the trends of modernism. Academic teachings and few talents created a situation that any exhibition of figuration showed evident weaknesses in drawing (and not only in figuration).


Great Framing authored by Emil Aleksiev follows a huge wave of “conceptualisms” that have partly resulted from the global art tendencies. It is the answer to the current movements in a wider cultural area, that is our yet another adjusting to a new exhibiting practice, an artistic trend in the world.
The exhibition presents a part of the work in the domain of figuration in our country, a possible cutting from it without pretension to make a comprehensive review, which gives opportunities for relevant conclusion. The proceeding is experienced as wholeness composed of heterogeneous works that usher Macedonian artists into the open artistic stage.


Works diversified in style are presented at the exhibition: ... concepts containing elements of photographic processing of the analysis of motif : Jovan Balov  with "Der Germane" (inkjet print)...