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"Odata za edna Nula" - Fighting Windmills 

Audio CD: Agrarni reformi i varijacii na tema (Lithium Records, 2008).

Video by Jovan Balov



Fighting Windmills is a band from Skopje, Macedonia. It was officially inaugurated at the times when Booka (guitar and vocals), BumBar (bass) & Ena (violin and vocals), being depressed after the dissolution of their previous band Taratur, had fiercly decided they should go on with the music creation. Later they were joined by Nina (drums). In mid-2009, Nina left the band. A fifth member (Nikola - trumpet), and new drummer (Machak) were added to the line-up.

By the spring of 2007, the band was working at a high pace. On the road to the stage, they had created a bulk of quality tracks. The first show of F.W. happened in the autumn 2007, followed by numerous others. By now they have played along some heavyweight names like The Toasters and Elvis Jackson, as well along with many Macedonian and regional bands, like Ska Ringispil, Jabolko za Daskalot, White Noise in The White Room, Kulturno Umetnichki Rabotnici, PMG Kolektiv, Dz Dz, playing at “Pivoland 2008” , "Pivoland 2009" and many others. The most important show of the band, was the one at the Exit festival in the summer of 2008.

In mid-2008, they recorded the album “Agrarni reformi i varijacii na tema” containing 15 tracks. The album was later released for Lithium Records, one of the top Macedonian music labels. The grand promotion happened as part of the 10th Taksirat Festival in November 2008, as the band shared the stage with one of the most popular post-yugoslav acts, Rambo Amadeus. In the beginning of 2010 they release their new EP called "?!" (PMG Recordings) containing 4 songs from the demo material for their second album.

Fighting Windmills´s latest album released in 2010 "The funniest joke in the world" (PMG Recordings) is one of the top ten albums in Macedonia for 2010.